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President Obama's praise of Clinton as one of his closest advisers in a side by side interview on 60 minutes this week helped add to that image. Gutgold also says Hillary Clinton helped women's leadership in the U.S. by being out there in public life, in her 60s, with a face that appears to be free of plastic surgery, botox, etc. and ...

Hillary Rodham Clinton - HISTORY Hillary Clinton (1947-) helped define the role of the modern political spouse and was one of the most accomplished first ladies in American history. A trained lawyer, she built a thriving career ... Chicago papers unveil presidential endorsements | WGN-TV "Hillary Clinton has the potential to be an excellent president. She is eminently qualified by any measure — experience, knowledge, character or temperament," the editorial board wrote.

During Bill Clinton's presidential-reelection campaign in the mid-1990s, Hillary Clinton herself had endorsed the "super-predator" theory of William J. Bennett, John P. Walters, and John J ...

Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign - Wikipedia The 2016 presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton was announced in a YouTube video, on April 12, 2015. Hillary Clinton was the 67th United States Secretary of State and served during the... Hillary Clinton for President Essay - 370 Words ...HILLARY CLINTON All can agree that this year is a very special year for presidential candidates. One candidate could be the first Morman president.She is the only woman that has ever been considered a serious contender for the presidency.

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Issues Archive - The Office of Hillary Rodham Clinton During her 2016 campaign for president, Hillary and her team laid out a comprehensive progressive vision for America’s future. A fair tax system. Making sure the wealthy, Wall Street, and corporations pay their fair share in taxes. Addiction and substance use. Through improved treatment, prevention... Hillary Clinton Is the Best Choice for Voters Against… Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton listens during the first presidential debate with Republican U.S. presidential nominee DonaldBut if your concern for the unborn determines your vote, Hillary Clinton should be your candidate. I imagine there might be a reader or two right about... Hillary Clinton for president - The Washington Post Hillary Clinton has the potential to be an excellent president of the United States, and we endorse her without hesitation.Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is dreadful, that is true — uniquely unqualified as a presidential candidate. If we believed that Ms. Clinton were the lesser of...

What has the conservative movement amazed, amused, and envious for many years now is, how Hillary Clinton has bamboozled and hoodwinked a large portion of liberals and progressives into thinking she's a success story of one of their own.

Hillary Clinton: Good for White Feminism, Bad for Racial ... Today in New York City, Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that she is officially a candidate for the 2016 presidential campaign. While many people are excited about the prospect of the first woman president, I think that a Hillary Clinton presidency will be another in a long series of triumphs for white, corporate feminism and defeats for racial ... Unfortunate Hillary Clinton Quotes - liveabout.com Read the top 10 unfortunate Hillary Clinton quotes. Daniel Kurtzman is a political journalist turned satirist. He has been widely cited as a political humor expert and authored two books on the subject. [Essay] | Stop Hillary!, by Doug Henwood | Harper's Magazine

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A 2nd Clinton presidency would be a disaster. The Clinton family's position at the top of governing, financial, and charitable elites guarantees a dangerousl... Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, 2016 - Ballotpedia

Lena just wrote a passionate essay in support of Hillary Clinton for President. “I’m with Hillary because of her commitment to women’s reproductive health and rights. The quest for reproductive care can be lonely, scary and crushingly expensive. 'The Atlantic' Editors Endorse Hillary Clinton for … For the third time since The Atlantic’s founding, the editors endorse a candidate for president. The case for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton : A Good President Essay -- United States,… Hillary Clinton : President For The Democratic Party Essay. - Hillary Clinton is running to be president for the democratic party. But this is not her first time running for president. Hillary Clinton, Biology and America's Next President |… Hillary Clinton Is the Perfect Age to Be President.At 67, Hillary Clinton is now a “woman of a certain age.” So much emphasis and worry are put on physical aging in women that the emotional maturity and freedom that can come at this time are given short shrift.